The Project of the Week

As an Open Source project, we are constantly asked two questions by AbiWord fans:

  • Users: When will my favorite feature get implemented?
  • Hackers: How can I help and where should I start?

In an attempt to answer both questions at once, we've introduced the concept of a Project of the Week, or POW (see the original message here). This is pronounced "pow", like in the comic books.

Each week, we pick a different feature that needs time and energy devoted to it that the current AbiWord developers cannot give. To help you get started, we outline the steps required to propel the particular project into motion.

There are a variety of projects, not all of which are strictly programming oriented. In particular, we now also have User Project of the Week, or uPOW. These are especially targeted at users who would like to help improve AbiWord, but who do not have programming skills.

To claim a POW or uPOW, please post a ZAP message to either the developer or user mailing list and this page will be updated appropriately. Also please post a message on the the developer list if some of the below is inaccurate - and include all necessary detail (when possible) to correct it.


[Green] This POW/uPOW is done (<sfx>SHAZAM</sfx>)
[Yellow] This POW/uPOW is partially done, but needs additional work
[Orange] This POW/uPOW has been claimed (<sfx>ZAP</sfx>)
[Red] This POW/uPOW is unclaimed

POW/uPOW State

Week Type Description Hero(s) State
27 POW find a Windows maintainer Jordi Mas [Yellow]
27 POW fix windows printing bugs [Red]
04 POW Integrate the new help system Calvin Arndt, David Chart, and Dom Lachowicz [Green]
22 POW Sorting contents of combo boxes and splash screen preference option Martin Sevior and Dom Lachowicz [Green]
18 POW ImageMagick multipurpose graphic importer Dom Lachowicz [Green]
17 uPOW Where to send AbiWord announcements.[State] Calvin Arndt [Yellow]
17 POW Get Ispell support working Thomas Fletcher and Dom Lachowicz [Green]
16 POW Applix Support Hubert Figuiere and Dom Lachowicz [Yellow]
9 uPOW Determining locale status [State] Karl Ove Hufthammer [Yellow]
9 POW Speed up bulk spell checking Dom Lachowicz, Ben Mesmen, David Mendelen, and Martin Sevior [Green]
7 uPOW Host for AbiWord BugDay [Red]
6 uPOW Update Feature and UI matrices [State] Karl Ove Hufthammer [Yellow]
5 uPOW Keeping the AbiWord web pages up to date Jared Davis [Green]
4 POW Implement TAB leaders (Patrick Lam?) [Green]
3 POW Template Like System Dom Lachowicz [Green]
2 POW Cursor Position should not move in inactive documents John Clark [Green]
25 POW Implement help Menu David Schmitter [Green]
19 POW Fix use of IntelliMouse Aaron Lehman, Joaquín Cuenca Abela, and Matthew Allen [Green]
18 POW Fix print margins on Windows Mike Nordell [Green]
13 POW Draw focus indicators correctly hj [Green]
11 POW Beginning the Binary Word Exporter Dom Lachowicz and the wv crew [Green]
10 POW Test LaTeX export Pierre Abbat [Green]
9 POW Change Page Margins Bruce Pearson [Green]
8 POW Fix BeOS PPC build Thomas Fletcher [Green]
7 POW Printing accented characters on Unix Aaron Lehman and Matthew Allen [Green]
6 POW Start spreading the news [Read it] Sam TH [Green]
50 POW Show Paragraphs Alexey Sinutin and Jesper Skov [Green]
47 POW Make translated dialogs fit [State] Owen Stenseth [Yellow]
45 POW Tabs Stephen Hack [Green]
44 POW RTF improvements Malcolm Peacock [Green]
43 POW ispell support for non-English languages Henrik Berg [Green]
42 uPOW Usability Test #1 Everyone [Green]
41 POW Word Count dialog Sam TH [Green]
40 POW Improve our release practices [Read it] Sam TH [Green]
39 POW Goto dialog Joaquín Cuenca Abela and Sam TH [Green]
38 POW Toggle Rulers Stephen Hack [Green]
37 uPOW CS folks wanted... Everyone Always open