So You've Made A Donation to AbiWord

Above all, the AbiWord team would like to thank you very much for your generous donation.  Every little bit helps our project immeasurably, no matter how large or small your donation might be.  AbiWord's development team is composed entirely of volunteers who work on AbiWord because they find it fun or interesting.

AbiWord's developers are human.  They like feeling appreciated for the long hours and hard work that they have devoted in order to make AbiWord the great product that it is today.  They don't require that you pay them for their work.  They don't require that you thank them for their work.  But it's always nice to feel appreciated every now and again, whether it be in the form of a "Thank You" email to the development or user list, stopping bye on IRC to say just hello, or in the form of a small donation to our cause.  Every little bit brightens their days immeasurably and motivates them to keep up the good work.

The donations that the AbiWord team receives have been used for a number of things.  These things have included (but are not limited to):

  • Routine server maintenance
  • Gift to the University of Nebraska for hosting our site
  • Developer meetings (dining, travel, and entertainment monies)
    • GUADEC
    • Other formal and informal meetings as they should arise
  • Sponsor further development via prize incentives
    • Special projects of the week (POW)
    • Patch prizes
    • Coding contests
    • Rewards for outstanding contribution above and beyond the normal call of duty

The AbiWord developers thank you for your support.  The fact that you're reading this document shows us that you are genuinely interested in our cause, and we thank you for that.  Together with your help, we will strive to make AbiWord the best word processor on the market today.

Thank you,

The AbiWord Development Team