Re: Compile problems with AIX 4.3.2

Subject: Re: Compile problems with AIX 4.3.2
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 16:34:41 CST

OK thanks for the suggestions Francosis. I needed to modify
the following files by commenting out the '# if define QNX ||
BEOS'' parts)...

So now the compiles moves forward and I hit:

fl_BlockLayout.cpp:4778: `usleep' undeclared (first use this
fl_BlockLayout.cpp:4778: (Each undeclared identifier is reported
only once
fl_BlockLayout.cpp:4778: for each function it appears in.)
fl_BlockLayout.cpp:4767: warning: unused variable `UT_Bool bRes'
gnumake[3]: *** [/home/GNU/abi-0.7.11/src/../src/AIX_3_001353394C00_OBJ/obj/fl_B
lockLayout.o] Error 1

I could not find this usleep function anywhere except the function
call in fl_BlockLayout.cpp? Some one want to give me clue here?
Also I don't mean to be hostile but why are all these functions
not declared.... this is standard UNIX here..not specfic to AIX?

Patrick Berge

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