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Subject: Re: Apostrophes
From: bgfay (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 06:29:08 CDT

Okay, here are some more specifics. I'm using Abiword 0.7.13 on win98

I opened went into the file and picked a single word to look at ("couldn't")
which, when I brought the document up was marked as misspelled. The document
uses Times New Roman font and the apostrophe, rather than looking like a
smart quote (or like a comma with the dot and curving line) was a straight
diagonal apostrophe. I backspaced over this and replaced it with a new
apostrophe which, when I moved off the word became a smart quote style
apostrophe and the word (but only that one) was no longer red-underlined as

I opened the file in notepad and it looked like this: couldnīt ---which
is odd since that's not really an apostrophe.

Further, when I converted the file to text and opened it in WordPerfect 9 I
got, in place of the apostrophe, a symbol of a vertical line with a
horizontal dash coming out of it, like a Perpendicular symbol turned on its

So my guess is that when Abiword is turning this into a smartquote, it isn't
recognizing what it has put there when the file is reloaded. That's my guess

Any ideas?

Ralph Shumaker wrote:

> bgfay wrote:
> >
> > I'm using Abiword 0.7 on win98.
> 0.7.?? Could you be a little bit more specific? Mine is 0.7.13 and
> I'm running on win95b (4.00.950 B).
> > Each time that I save a document with apostrophes in it (words such as
> > can't, won't, wouldn't) and then, at a later time, open the document
> > again, the contractions all register as misspelled. If I delete the
> > apostrophe and replace it, the word is correctly spelled, but this
> > happens every time.
> Open the saved file in a regular text editor (like Notepad) and look
> for the words that have apostrophes. Report back to us what you
> see. If you see what you expect, then I would have to say that the
> problem occurs when AbiWord loads the document back in. If you do
> NOT see what you expect, then it must be happening during (or
> before) the save operation.
> I have a question for clarity, though. When you "delete the
> apostrophe and replace it", the spell check complains no more about
> that word only and just goes on to complain about the next one? Or
> does the fixing of one just seem to snap the Spell Checker out of
> it? (I'm betting on the former.)
> > Has anyone else noticed this?
> I've NOT had this problem.
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