Re: Building from Sources

Subject: Re: Building from Sources
From: Sam TH (
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 09:13:38 CDT

On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 02:58:49PM +0100, David Chart wrote:
> Thanks for the instructions; just what I needed. They'd be a good addition
> to that part of the website.
> However...
> I'm building with debug support turned on, to see if that helps with triage.
> The current sources won't build with gnome support turned on. I get lots of
> 'unknown library: gal' messages, and it quits with error 2 while trying to
> build part of the gnome UI.

That's probably because you don't have libgal installed.

> If I leave gnome off, pspell support will build, but AbiWord then refuses
> to run, claiming that the library doesn't exist. It does,
> and it's in the same place as all the other pspell libraries (presumably
> the default location: /usr/local/lib I think).

This happened to me recently too. But pspell didn't work anyway for
me, so I didn't pursue it.
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