Re: ppc dictionary

Subject: Re: ppc dictionary
From: Jim Willis (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 21:19:54 CDT

Thanks so much. I'm no longer getting the error i note below.
however, the american.hash you link to below detects every
word in every one of my docs as misspelled (even if they're spelled
correctly) and offers "no suggestion" ;-)
i have a feeling it should be a binary file and not text. but that's just
a guess. maybe you could tar it up for me. as it stands now if i do a wget
or a lynx -source it grabs the file as a text file. unless of course it
should be a plain text file and it's just the wrong language.
thanks so much for your help.

 On Mon, 16 Apr
2001, Sam TH wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 06:38:27PM -0400, Jim Willis wrote:
> > i installed the linuxppc version from the latest sources (yesterday) on
> > the abi site. the dictionay dir is empty, so i copied over the ispell
> > american.hash (i was getting startup errors saying it couldn't find said
> > dictionary). now i get:
> > Illegal format hash table /usr/local/AbiSuite/dictionary/american.hash -
> > expected magic2 0x9602, got 0x0
> This is because it is in the wrong format. Ispell dictionaries come
> in different format, and the one you found was incorrect. You can
> download ours here:
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