Re: ppc dictionary

Subject: Re: ppc dictionary
From: David Chart (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 13:22:01 CDT

--On 16/4/01 22:05 -0500 Sam TH wrote:

> All I can say is the if you move the big endian file, which
> should be the one up on my website, to the appropriate location, and
> name it american.hash, it really ought to work.

Well, it doesn't. However, I get the opposite behavior with today's CVS
build: every word is spelled correctly. The debug output gives me lots and
lots and lots of "Can't open american.hash" warnings.

I can't find a bug for this in bugzilla, but I think one needs to be
opened. The fact that the behavior I'm seeing is rather different from what
Jim is seeing makes it hard to see how to open the bug.

David Chart

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