font/printing problems

Subject: font/printing problems
From: GeorgeMary (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 14:39:21 CDT

I installed abisuite-07.14-gtk-RH7.0-1.i386.rpm on RedHat 7.0. I am a
newbie, so I had the Times New Roman problem that I was able to solve by
reading this list and symbolic linking the TrueType fonts to
AbiSuite/fonts. I copied the TrueType from my Win98 installation (Dual
Boot) and I am able to use TrueType on themes and Netscape and composing
a document in AbiWord. The problems start when I try to print. I am
able to print in other programs, so I assume my printer is setup
correctly. At first I got something like it couldn't parse and was
looking for times.afm in AbiSuite/fonts. I uninstalled , downloaded
another copy and reinstalled. I was able to start, compose, and save in
AbiWord, but when I tried to print at the printer setup menu (lpr), the
program just disappeared. Can anybody explain how to get AbiWord to
print? or what I should be looking for. I am a relative linux newbie.

George and Mary Skokan(

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