Re: Bug status week 16

Subject: Re: Bug status week 16
From: Ralph Shumaker (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 17:36:21 CDT

Jesper Skov wrote:
> Like last week, BugZilla state is moving. This week we're getting some
> QA done (but need help getting that number down to zero!), and the
> number of Open bugs is also going down slowly.
> Now that most bugs are in the Open state, we need people (users!) to
> help us both pinpoint the platforms on which particular bugs happen
> and prioritize the bugs for fixing. As a user, please add information
> to bugs if you are either able or unable to reproduce the bug -
> remember to include AbiWord version number and your platform.

One thing about Bugzilla that irks me a bit is that the bug can be
classified as ALL (platforms, OSs, versions, or whatever) but if I
specify that I want to see the bugs for w95, it does NOT include the
ones that are classified as pertaining to all OSs. Now, I would
think that if I choose to see the bugs that pertain to win95, that
it should give me all the bugs that are classified as pertaining
specifically to win95 as well as all the bugs that are classified as
pertaining to ALL operating systems. I hope that this is something
that can be changed. I changed several options in an attempt to
find all the ones that applied to my setup. Each time I chose a
different option, it showed me a completely different list of bugs.
There were no overlaps. I feel that there should have been. Oh!
And get this! When I chose to see the bugs for ALL operating
systems, it only showed me the ones that were classified as
belonging to ALL operating systems. That's pathetic. If I'm
requesting bugs for ALL operating systems, it should include "all"
of them. I finally ended up deselecting anything that might narrow
the search down to less than what I wanted and therefore ended up
with way MORE than what I wanted. Oh well.

Ralph (upstart Perl programmer)
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