Re: Bug status week 16

Subject: Re: Bug status week 16
From: David Chart (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 03:47:12 CDT

--On 29/4/01 3:46 -0500 Sam TH wrote:

> One of the neatest features of bugzilla is that you can define your
> own queries, and have them on your bottom status bar. It's one of the
> options on the bottom of the query page.
> Yeah, I know, it doesn't really solve the problem you're talking
> about, but it's still cool. :-)

It is indeed still cool. If I regularly needed to do searches other than
'all submitted bugs' or 'all QAV bugs' I would use it.

> Also, the problem with your suggestion is that too many bugs that are
> really XP are marked as platform specific. :-(

That's a good point. What should good practice be? I mark bugs as specific
to my platform when I submit them, and generally try to reproduce bugs
marked as specific to other platforms when I go through and check. If they
reproduce, I mark them cross platform before sending them on. If they
don't, I just leave them as platform specific, and sometimes note that I
couldn't reproduce it (OK, I should do that all the time, but I forget).

David Chart

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