Abiword 0.9.0 Word filter: Problems with the tables

Subject: Abiword 0.9.0 Word filter: Problems with the tables
From: Daniel Tourde (ted@foi.se)
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 06:50:45 CDT


I have just rebuild (rpm --rebuild from the .src.rpm file present on the
website) Abiword 0.9.0 on a RedHat 7.1 machine with the latest ximian
gnome installed (I cannot build Abiword on a standard RedHat 7.1
machine, it complains about a program not present (I have forgotten the
name unfortunately)). Ximian Gnome has been installed on a machine who
already had RedHat Gnome. I suppose that the old one has been cleanly
replaced by the new one but i did not check in details...

The first thing I have been willing to check was the compatibility with
Microsoft Word documents (The only thing my boss is really interested to
know before we switch). I took 2 differents documents (A report with
tables and my CV with a lot of tables, boxes and colors...) and I tried.
The documents were written with Word97.
It seems that AbiWord still have problems with tables and bordered and
colored area in a word document. I can send you the CV if you want, so
you can try my yourself.


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   FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency; Aeronautics Division - FFA
       Dept. of Wind Energy and Aviation Environmental Research
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