Subject: Spelling
From: NW (neilwin@cableinet.co.uk)
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 10:43:42 CDT

Hi there all you experts,

I took some recent advice about upgrading to Abiword v 9, that is I
removed v 7.14 first. The new version has installed beautifully on
Mandrake v8.0. One thing that did not work before was the spell check,
it simply did nothing at all. It now seems to be working fine in that
unknown words get a squiggly red underline, and right clicking on the
word gives me some suggested corrections or the chance to add the word,
presumably to a custom dictionary.

However, I have downloaded the international version, and using the
menus Tools/Language I selected English(UK). The problem is that the
spell checker now accepts both US and UK spellings (eg both color and
colour are accepted).

I also notice that when I go to Tools/Preferences/Spelling I find that
both the custom.dic and the Dictionary... buttons are grayed out.

My question is therefore, since I have the international version how can
I select which dictionary I want? And secondly, how do I get the custom
dictionary to work. What have I missed?

Any help gratefully accepted. And what a great program.

Neil Winchurst

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