Re: Spelling part 2

Subject: Re: Spelling part 2
From: David Chart (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 17:48:35 CDT

--On Wednesday, August 08, 2001 11:45:32 +0100 NW <>

> Thanks for the help so far. I am not yet expert in Linux, so where do I
> find my shell start up script please?

Mine's .bash_profile, in my home directory. If Mandrake sets you up with
bash, that's probably where yours is as well.

> By the way, my version is in
> /usr/share/AbiSuite and not in /usr/local/AbiSuite.

That's fine; that's just where your distribution puts it. There may even be
symlinks involved.

> One strange problem when a word is marked as a spelling query (squiggly
> line under it). If I right click on it and correct the word from the
> suggestions given, then the word is corrected OK but the cursor
> disappears. I can still enter text but I can no longer see where the
> text will go.

You sometimes have a visible cursor? You lucky, lucky person. For some
reason, AbiWord has a white cursor on my system. Not terribly visible.

More seriously, I think this is a known problem, there is a bug in bugzilla
about it.

David Chart

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