Dynamic, Static Binaries And libiconv.h ?

Subject: Dynamic, Static Binaries And libiconv.h ?
From: picilli (picilli@mdi.ca)
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 15:21:30 CDT

At the moment there are no dynamically and statically pre-compiled 0.90
binaries available for download. Will someone upload those pre-compiled
binaries, please ?

I was trying to compile v0.90, and for unknown reason a process crashes
because there is no ../libiconv/include/libiconv.h
After running configure script for libiconv manually, I get libiconv.h,
but the proccess crashes again because of some errors within the
libiconv.h at lines 64, 74 and 80. I am unable to solve it. What's the
problem ?

Thank you for support.

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