Re: AbiWord not in menu

Subject: Re: AbiWord not in menu
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 11:32:45 CDT

At 08:55 AM 8/9/01 -0400, Scott Bingman wrote:
>I am using Linux-Mandrake 8.0 with Enlightenment 0.16 and I installed
>abiword 0.9.0 okay, but there was no AbiWord icon added to my menus.
>this makes it a bit of a problem to use if I have to call it from a
>terminal everytime. Have others had this problem?
>This is not really a minor issue. If a new user loads Linux and cannot
>see he has a great word processor ready to use in the menus, AbiWord
>loses out and he becomes familiar with Kword or Gedit or maybe
>StarOffice :-{ Myabe it's just me...


Please file this as one (or more) bugs in Bugzilla. I'm not familiar with
your specific config, but having seamless desktop integration on each of our
supported platforms is most definitely a Good Thing.

In short, once AbiWord is installed, you should easily be able to do all of
the following from your desktop:

  - launch the app by clicking an icon &/or choosing a launcher menu
  - launch by double-clicking on any .abw, .zabw, or .abt file
  - clicking on an AbiWord-format attachment in your mailer of choice
  - etc.

AFAIK, all modern desktop OSes have mechanisms like these, although some of
the conventions for when & how this is done do vary on a per-platform basis.
By being as specific as possible when filing this in Bugzilla, you help us
make sure that we know how *you* think these features should work on your
platform of choice.

The more you can tell us about how to make this Just Work, the faster we can
get it implemented, with patches being the fastest of all. ;-)


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