looking for fonts

Subject: looking for fonts
From: Carl Parrish (cparrish@home.com)
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 16:09:07 CDT

Okay I can't get AbiWord .9.0 working whenever I try to start it I get
the following.

Abiword couldnot load the following font or fontset from the X Window
System display server [-*- Some Times New Roman font -*-]

This error could be the result of an incomplete AbiSuite installation an
incompatiblity w/ your Xwindows System display server or a problem
communication with a remote font server

I think its having problems dynamically adding the fonts to my fontpath.
(jedit seems to be having the same problem with the change that it still
runs). Does anyone know how I can tell Abiword where the fonts are? Can
anyone tell me how to find my fonts (or if I really don't have them
somewhere I can find them in .tar format?).

btw I'm running RH 7.0 (yeah I know I need to upgrade). Gnome 1.4 and Ximian

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