POW user suggestion

Subject: POW user suggestion
From: Rogier van der Hee (rogier@vanderhee.net)
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 04:54:55 CDT

Hi All,

I just downloaded the newest AbiWord (on a side note: actually I'm
not absolutely certain it is the right version: it says 0.9.0 in the
about box and in the splash screen, while I really thought I had
downloaded 0.9.2) for Win32. For all the developers on this list: I
liked it a lot, I noticed huge improvements in almost any aspect
compared to the version I downloaded last tim (0.7x). Nice

Anyway, on to the suggestion:
As a user I missed support for the simple user task:
"Closing a document AbiWord, while not ending the program itself".

I could be wrong, but after searching for 10 mins I couldn't find it.
The program says under the File menu "Close Document - Crtl +
W", and below is a separate option Exit. I didn't suspect AbiWord
to exit the program, I had expected it to close my document as it

So I had to restart it again. I don't think this is good behaviour.
Thus my suggestion is that when the last docoment is closed, you
still have an instantiation of AbiWord running, however with a grey
background and greyed out controls or something.

But perhaps it's better to first discuss the question if my initial
suggestion is a good and than what the appropriate behaviour
should be of the program. As I'm new to the list I'm not aware to
previous discussions on this topic, I'm sorry.

With friendly regards,

Rogier van der Hee

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