Re: We're in the top 10!!!

Subject: Re: We're in the top 10!!!
From: G.Lee Johnson (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 14:57:26 CDT

On 18 Aug 2001 05:21:33 -0400, Scott Bingman wrote:
> Check it out, we are in the top 10 dowloads on sourceforge!!!!!
> Congratulations!!!!!!

very nice!...congrats team on a job well done.

things work nicely but for some reason I can't ( I 'know' its worked on
previous version ) seem to be able to setup three columbs ( for example
for mailingl labels ) in such a way that I can 'tab' between each lable
on each separate row..when i tab it forces me down in the same column
that plus i can't just 'place cursor' in column two..typing puts me back
in column1

thanks for any help

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