disappearing character in Windows

Subject: disappearing character in Windows
From: Michael Leddy (mleddy@eiu.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 18:58:51 CDT

I just signed up so as to vote for 1418 (and 1198). While doing so, I also
added a bug I've noticed in Windows 98 and Windows ME--when I hit Return,
the last character in the line momentarily disappears from the screen. I
divided my votes among these three, all of which seem pretty important for
anyone using AbiWord in Windows (which I hope to be doing for a long time).

Now I'm a little chagrined to find daemon e-mails telling me that my
newly-reported bug "has been confirmed by popular vote." The only votes so
far of course were my own. But the disappearing character does seem like an
important thing to me, maybe to you too if you use Windows.


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