Voting for enhancements

Subject: Voting for enhancements
From: John H. Raines, Jr. (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 07:11:17 CDT

from original thread: Tabbed view
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I've been using Abiword on and off over the last few years on Linux and
must say its coming along nicely - looking forward to v. 1.0

I was wondering if tabbed views for documents will be implemented in the
future? I've grown so accustomed to this through Galeon I want it in
everything now .-)
I realize you're in feature freeze now, but what about for 1.1?

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I'm not familiar with Galeon, but this seems like the MDI model to me. (Also being used in Opera & Smart Explorer as "improvements" to the browser design.) I would say that, given the current discussion in the "POW user suggestion" thread, this change doesn't seem too likely.

Is there any way to put "features" or "program behavior" to a vote like we are with bugs to give the developers a real handle on how these things are really working in the user community. Possibly, when items like this come up we could enter the desired item as an enhancement in bugzilla and make sure that it is known on the user list (ie - send a message describing the enhancement & giving the number). Then, if enough users vote for an enhancement, the developers would be more likely to make the change. And if enough users don't vote for it, then it probably wasn't such a hot idea anyway.

BTW, Abiword is a great project! When it is feature complete, (probably about 1.2 - full tables, style sheets, etc.) it is going to be a killer!

J. Raines

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