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Subject: Re: some problem
From: Andrew Pilley (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 17:44:50 CDT

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, An-Dee wrote:

> Hello
> I have some problem, maybe you all know the answer, but I am new to
> here.
> 1, Is it a deb. version of the newest(0.9?)version, because on my
> debian I user 0.7.14.. I installed it with Ximian-Gnome with
> apt-get, with there is not any updated version.

okay. i'm not sure which version of debian you're using, but since you
claim to be using ximian gnome, my guess is that it ISN'T sid or
woody. ximian have more or less acknowledged that their distribution of
gnome isn't suited for sid at least, and may have issues with woody.
on the website,, there's a GNOME abiword .deb you can
install. this works fine with sid, but if you're using ximian gnome, i'm
fairly certain that you won't have an up to date gal library. how you
correct this is up to you, but i've never found ximian to be all that good
on debian (works fine on other distros, but ximian can't match the gnome
maintainer in debian in sheer up-to-dateness). however, if you aren't
interested in using sid or woody, you might not have a lot of choice but
to wait for ximian to package it for you.

> 2, How can I change the language of Abiword?
> On my Win it is normaly Hungrian, I think because of the area
> settings, but in my Debian and BeOS it is English.

hmm. my guess is you need to change the LANG setting. i'm afraid i can't
help there, i'm a native english speaker, and unfortunately, the defaults
are biased towards us :/. my guess is you need to set the LANG setting
before you login using gdm (assuming you ARE using gdm) or in your
~/.xinitrc file. search down i18n resources for linux using google for
more information.

Andrew 'ashridah' Pilley

> Thanks
> An-Dee
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