Re: Suggestion: Change "Export..." to "Save Copy..."

Subject: Re: Suggestion: Change "Export..." to "Save Copy..."
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 09:08:58 CDT

You have it right, with the addition that both functions
allow the file to be saved in a different format. In
the case of "Save As...", the format of the working
document changes. So if I "Save As..." TEST.ABW to
TEST.RTF, the next time I use plain old "Save", it will
also save as RTF. In the case of "Export...", the
format of the working document does not change.

I still prefer the clarity of "Save
Copy...". "Export..." is confusing to some users, and I
doubt they are of the church secretary variety. The
only advantage that "Export..." has is that there is a
parallel "Import..." command. And I don't see why that
couldn't be changed to "Open Copy...".

Rob CAmpbell
> wrote:
> > There is still some confusion about the difference
> > between "Save As..." and "Export...". They do different
> > things (Save As affects the current document and Export
> > creates a copy on disk) and both are needed. Why not
> > change "Export..." to the more pedestrian "Save Copy..."?
> >
> > Rob Campbell
> >
> >
> > P.S. That's what the defunct Describe word processor
> > called this function. Describe also had a "Close &
> > Open..." function, but I hope no one holds that against
> > the current suggestion.
> >
> >
> >
> I would suggest that all that is really needed is an explanation in the
> help file for the Import and Export functions. As this is my area of the
> help files, I will be glad to insert it.
> First, though, let me make sure I have this right.
> Save... Saves to disk with same name and same location
> Save As... Saves to disk and allows a name and location change.
> Export... Creates a copy of the document to a different location,
> leaving the original.
> Import... Creates a copy of the documentfrom a different location,
> leaving the original.
> If I have any of this wrong, please tell me, because I am going to start
> work on updating this section of the help files.
> Scott Bingman

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