Re: Close and Exit

Subject: Re: Close and Exit
From: Chris Winne (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 08:04:56 CDT

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> I don't want any stray gui windows left over. I don't want abiword cluttering
up my memory.
> If I want a new document, all I must do is type 7 characters a,b,i,w,o,r,d,
> plus of course a return. I often add a & at the end to avoid tying up my
window (so that makes 8),
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> If there was a dialogue when you closed the last document that ask you if you
would like to start a new document or would you like to exit it would only take
1 extra typed letter (or 1 click) to respond. There would never be anything
unintended left in memory & no user would ever be surprised by exiting the
program when they didn't intent to.
> Having been on the user end of computing for 30 some years, I still think that
anticipating user need & minimizing clicks is the most desirable programming.
> J. Raines

OK, now 6 cents.

A popup window on the last document asking for "close" (leaving a blank
document) or "exit" (the finality) with one click to make the choice,
would be a fine compromise, IMO.

Chris Winne

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