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Subject: Abisuite database
From: NW (neilwin@cableinet.co.uk)
Date: Sat Aug 25 2001 - 06:03:19 CDT

Hi there,

I have done a lot of computer training in the past, mainly to beginners
but also to some quite experienced users. One universal misconception
that I have found is the idea that, if you need to carry out some
calculations, then the only answer is a spreadsheet program. When I
pointed out that databases could also carry out calculations there was a
mixture of surprise and disbelief. When I added that all accounts and
payroll programs (eg Sage) are databases and not spreadsheets then the
surprise was even greater. Some of them took some convincing.

So what is this rigmarole all about? Well, I have been involved with
computers for many years, programmer, trainer and user. I think that the
idea of an office suite of programs is great. However IMHO all the
suites that I have encountered have fallen into the same fundamental
error. Without exception the database program has been last on the list
to be created, almost an afterthought in fact. The Koffice suite is a
prime example. Whereas I think that the database is the second most
important (and useful), after the WP.

Added to this is the fact that, while there are quite a few database
programs in Linux, they are all text based and if you want a GUI (and
that is what users expect nowadays) you have to find an add-on program
and write it yourself. There are no good database programs for Linux
that have the GUI built into the program itself (the so called
monolithic method) in the style of Paradox or Access. I personally feel
that this is a gaping hole in Linux which needs to be dealt with.
(Actually the database part of Koffice is going to be just that type of
program, but in how many years' time?)

So all this is leading up to a plea to the developers of Abisuite,
please don't leave the database at the end of the queue, it is far more
important than that. Write a good monolithic database for Linux and I
think that you will be mightily surprised at how popular it will be.

Anyone any comments??

Neil Winchurst

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