truetype font and other

Subject: truetype font and other
From: Stefano Zanelli (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 13:35:18 CDT

 Ciao All!

I've installed freetype libraries hoping to use .ttf file with abiword, but
I'm not able to sae any of them.
What is the correct procedure?? Where have I to put the .ttf files??
May I use .pfb files. I've found some of them in a freetype archive.

Another question.
I'm writing from Italy and I like to use italian language as spellchecker.
I've downloaded itspell2001, but I'm not able to compile it since I get
"buildhash not found" error message.

Any idea????

Thank you in advance.

Ciao. Stefano - wmw -

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