Encoding in cyrillic .abw documents

Subject: Encoding in cyrillic .abw documents
From: Dmitriy Kostiuk (dk@fromru.com)
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 10:13:00 CDT

Hello All,

      I have both Linux (static) and Windows versions
of Abi 0.9.2.
      And it was just noticed that they produce
Cyrillic documents in
      different encoding. Linux version saves KOI8-R -
the most
      widely spread one for *nix systems - and that's
OK. But Windows
      version saves Russian words in some fantastic
encoding which is
      recognized by nothing but Win-Abi itself.

      The worst thing is that .abw document saved
under Windows is
      unreadable under Linux and vice versa.

      Some inner voice says to me that such situation
is not normal :)
      and that there is some faultness in one of my

      Am I right?

Best regards,

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