Re: font crash on 9.2

Subject: Re: font crash on 9.2
From: Michael List (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 16:22:33 CDT

I had the same problem when I installed 9.2 on my newly-installed RH7.1
yesterday. I tried the fixes recommended on the website, but no go. I got
some kind of error messages about colors after I tried the fixes. I am a
rank newbie and pretty clumsy with the whole Linux installation thing, so
it could be just me. I sure would like to try Abiword, though...

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On 8/30/2001 at 4:10 PM Gino Peregrini wrote:

>I just downloaded and installed AbiWord 9.2 on my Linux system. (I put
>it on NT in my office earlier).
>I'm having a repeat of a problem I had last Spring. People on this list
>helped me solve it then. The problem is that when I try to open AbiWord
>on one of my RH 7.1 machines, it crashes with the message that it can't
>find a TrueType font.
>I visited the FAQs on the WWW and also my e-mail files and found the
>solution that worked a few months ago. It doesn't work now. But, as was
>the case before, AbiWord 9.2 opens fine on my other RH 7.1 machine. (It
>opens very fast and looks very sharp).
>I hope someone can tell me what to do with the crash problem My wife
>uses the machine on which AbiWord won't open, and I've almost convinced
>her to try it.
>Thank you,

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Michael List

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