Print Preview - Print layout. What am I missing?

Subject: Print Preview - Print layout. What am I missing?
From: John Selby (
Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 21:40:04 CDT

I'm puzzled at not being able to work out how to get the equivalent of
"Print Preview" when I use AbiWord.

I know there are two choices under the "view" option in the menu bar for
"normal layout" and "print layout", and I assumed the "print layout" should
give the equivalent of Print Preview.

However, I can't for the life of me notice any difference between the
"normal layout" and "print layout" choices when I try each of them (AbiWord
0.9.2 with Windows 95 and Windows ME).

The "print layout" doesn't show print layout anyway, as I found by selecting
the "landscape" option in page setup - the on screen view continued to show
the page in portrait orientation, and hence you couldn't see what the
printed version would look like (but when actually printed, the page was
correctly oriented in landscape view).

I figured this might be a bug, so went to Bugzilla and went through the
whole darned list - couldn't see anything which looked like a report on this
problem (though it's a long list and maybe I overlooked it).

So, I would be grateful for a bit of advice as to how to get the equivalent
of print preview.

If it's not there and really is a bug, I'll happily create a bug report.
However, I can't imagine something as fundamental as this would not have
caused a report to be raised before now, so I wonder, what am I missing?

Cheers, John Selby.

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