Re: core dump with 0.7.13-FreeBSD_i386

Subject: Re: core dump with 0.7.13-FreeBSD_i386
From: regis rampnoux (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 07:59:34 CST

On 11-Mar-01 Sam TH wrote:
>> I have put the dump file on a net-drive for 7 days:
> Unfortunately, the core file isn't much use to use, since we can't
> analyze it without your binary. If you could provide any other info,
> that would be very helpful.

Yes, it is when I launch it!
The logo is displayed a second or less (I see a "flash" it is all) and I have
the error message.
The binary is in the tgz file downloaded from the AbiSource website. (dynamic

Le mag:

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