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Hi Torstein

This is extracted from the mail I already sent to you (did you receive
it?) :

I had the same problem.
The solution is to force installation (rpm --nodeps I know it's dirty but
...) and to add a symlink /usr/lib/libgal.so.4 in /usr/lib pointing to
libgal.so. Maybe a new rpm for libgal4 is available now but I am not sure
of it.

Hope this will help...


Concerning gcc 2.96, it has generated a debate few weeks ago between Linus
and Alan. The point of Alan was that - even if it is not an official
release - gcc 2.96 is a good choice as the binaries produced from c++
sources are far better.
Anyway I don't think that we should talk about that in a mailing list
dedicated to abiword.



On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Torstein Finnbakk wrote:

> OK, so where do I FIND libgal.so.4 ??
> Torstein

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