error on bootup in 0.7.13 (fwd)

Subject: error on bootup in 0.7.13 (fwd)
From: lee z. (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 16:37:05 CST

I've encountered a strange error in the staticly linked version of
the i386 statically linked version of Abi:

lee@eva01:~$ abiword
AbiWord_s: ../iconv/skeleton.c:304: gconv: Assertion `outbufstart ==
((void *)0)' failed.
/usr/local/bin/abiword: line 61: 5580 Aborted $ABISUITE_HOME/bin/AbiWord_s

Anyone had encounters with this previously?
I'm running Debian Woody with X4.0.2

Lee Z..

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