Print option in linux - request

Subject: Print option in linux - request
From: Nick Holden (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 04:19:27 CST

Is there a formal procedure for proposing additions / adjustments to

Mine is fairly minor: in the linux version (I'm using 0.7.13) when you
select print, the print command is always lpr - I'm using pdq, so I change
that to be pdq, and sure enough, AbiWord prints fine (apart from the rather
odd issue about colour/ b&w that we mentioned the other day). However, the
next time I click print, the print command has reverted to lpr. This is a
pain, and it also means that I can't use the print button on the toolbar,
since that works to the default (i.e. lpr).

So... couldn't AbiWord remember the print command I have specified? And set
it as the current default so that I can use the print button on the toolbar?


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