Printing With AbiWord

Subject: Printing With AbiWord
From: Marshall Lake (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 17:46:47 CST

I'm running AbiWord 0.7.13 and Ghostscript 5.50 on an Intel Linux 2.2.15
box. My printer is an HP LaserJet 4.

In the past I used AbiWord with some success except for printing. At
times I would have a problem where the print output would not look the way
I intended it to look. If I fooled around with spacing then sometimes I
could get the print to output correctly but it was a hit or miss
proposition at best. So, I put AbiWord aside waiting for a later version.

I've never had a problem with printing using any other software.

Recently I downloaded 0.7.13 to give it another spin. But the same type
of things are happening when I print. For example, in one document the
screen shows "1099-B reporting" but the printout looks like
"1099-Breporting". In the same document the screen looks like "dividends"
but the printout looks like "dividerds". Again, in the same document the
screen looks like "1099-DIV" and the printout looks like "1099-CIV".

It appears to me that things are getting squished. In the middle example
above the third d in dividends is moved to the left enough to chop off the
n to make it look like an r. In the last example it appears that the D is
getting chopped off to make it look like a C (so rather than looking like
"1099-CIV" it looks like "1099-[IV").

Does anyone know what might be going on? Is it something that I'm doing
wrong, or something wrong with my set-up, or something wrong with AbiWord?

Marshall Lake - -

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