Re: Excessive Formatting Tags

Subject: Re: Excessive Formatting Tags
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 15:18:38 CST

I will venture a guess: You used styles in conjunction
with cut, copy, and paste. When AbiWord saves text to
the clipboard (as the result of a cut or copy
operation), it is converted to RTF. The reason for
this, I believe, is that most word processors and other
applications already underestand RTF. The benefit is
that you can cut, copy, and paste from AbiWord without
the other applications needing to know anything about

Unfortunately, AbiWord's RTF import and export functions
do not yet support styles. So when text is copied to
the clipboard, any style property assigned to a text run
is "exploded" into its component character and paragraph
formatting properties. So even when cutting and pasting
within the same AbiWord document, the effect you
describe results. If you save the file as RTF and then
reopen it, the styles will also be lost.

So did I get it right?

Rob Campbell
> For some reason, AbiWord inserted a whole set of identical formatting tags,
> one per paragraph, in a document I was creating. This almost tripled the
> size of the document (they were short paragraphs).
> This is clearly not good.
> Is this a known issue? If not, I'll try to duplicate the effect in a new
> file, and add it to bugzilla complete with instructions. However, that will
> take quite a bit of effort, so I'd rather not, if people already know about
> it. (0.7.13, Linux on a PPC, SuSE 2.2.18 kernel, LinuxPPC 2000 Q4
> everything else.)
> (I know that, in theory, I could search bugzilla, but in practice I'm
> really not sure what to put in the search fields for this, and I certainly
> don't have time to read every bug...)
> David Chart
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