Bug Report - Missing Diacritics

Subject: Bug Report - Missing Diacritics
From: Ondrej Scerbej (scerbej@mi.psg.sk)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 07:54:21 CST

Hello everyone.

AbiWord is really a great thing, but one thing prevents me from using it. I
write often in Slovak language, that is belonging to Central European group. In
all Cental European (CE) languages, there is an extended pool of letters - the
new beiing the normal letters with diacritics. However, although input of this
extended group of letters from a file is working a o.k., the input of these same
letters from a keyboard is working only for some of them. This happens only in
AbiWord, all other programs on my Windows 98 + DirectX 8.1 + RichEd 3.0 system
are working properly. Can anyone help?


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