Re: Problem installing on RH7

Subject: Re: Problem installing on RH7
From: David Shochat (
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 05:56:34 CST
has both:

gal-0.4.1-0_helix_2.i386.rpm <>

gnome-print-0.25-8_helix_1.i386.rpm <>

 <>I use abiword with the two packages above from ximian (except that I use the RH 6.2 versions).
That same site has other packages you may need to upgrade in order to upgrade these. What I
did (based on a suggestion from someone on this list) was to upgrade gnome completely, but
I doubt that you will have to do that just to install those 2 packages.

However, in my opinion, when abisource says that a certain version is for use with Linux
distribution so-and-so, it should be installable without having to upgrade any package
relative to what comes with that distribution. Or, the download page should tell you exactly
what dependencies must be obtained and/or upgraded and where to get them.
Bob Myers wrote:

> Could someone please explain the
> following behavior?
> '-----------------------------
> [root@penguin download]# rpm -Uvh
> abisuite-0.7.13-2GTK.i386.rpm
> error: failed dependencies
> gal >= 0.2 is needed by
> abisuite-0.7.13-2GTK
> gnome-print >=0.25 is needed by
> abisuite-0.7.13-2GTK
> [root@penguin download]
> `-----------------------------
> I cannot find gal anywhere and any
> archive I look at has gnome-print 0.20
> as the latest version.
> This is happening on a RH7.0 box.

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