Subject: abiword/QNXrtp
From: Elmars (es@apollo.lv)
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 12:26:06 CST


I tried AbiWord 0.7.12 for QNX RTP and found it to be quite usable.
Nevertheless, there are a few problems .

1. When I open in AbiWord some MSWord 97 docs written in Latvian (ISO
8859-13 or cp1257), they are displayed ok. After saving them in .abw or
.txt formats, the Latvian characters loose all diacritics. I can preserve
them only saving as .rtf.

2. In Preferences, I can hide all three toolbars, but after this only
toolbar buttons disappear and the text-editing area remains of the same
small size as previosly (I have a 15 inch monitor).

Is there any remedy to these faults?

TIA and kind regards,

Elmars Sumanis

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