formatting bug (both on screen & on printout)

Subject: formatting bug (both on screen & on printout)
From: Ralph Shumaker (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 23:54:24 CST

OS: M$ w95b
Abi: 0.7.13

I have a formatting problem. I'm not exactly sure of the proper
terms, so please bear with me.

I have a document which is 4 pages long. Page 4 is where my problem
appears. I just don't understand why it does not happen on pages 2
& 3 as well. Although there is one difference (technically two) of
which I am aware.

On pages 2, 3, & 4, I am using paragraph justification. On pages 2
& 3, I'm using 18 point Times New Roman. On page 4, I'm using 14
point (same font). (Changing the font size from this just made the
problem worse. But alas, I'm getting ahead of myself.)

On pages 2 & 3, I moved the lower half of the margin marker (I'll
call it the CRM (Carriage Return Marker) since it determines to
where the carriage returns.) from 0" to 3/8" (inch scale
obviously). On these two pages, there are no tabs. And these two
pages appear correctly on both the screen and the printout.

However, on page 4, I moved the CRM from 0" to 5/4". I have a
decimal tab at 3/16". I have a regular (left justified) tab at
1/4". Justification is correct in all paragraphs of page 4 except
for the right hand side of the first line of each. In other words,
just line 1 of each paragraph is messed up, whereas all of the lines
that follow (within each paragraph) are displayed correctly. I've
tried changing several things, but each attempt just made it worse.
The problem has something to do with the spacing of the first line
because it seems to be actually crunching the words together in a
couple of the paragraphs.

I examined the code to see if there had been inserted a bunch of
unnecessary garbage (as was often the case in previous versions) but
it looked just fine.

I decided to print it out when it occurred to me that maybe it was
just a screen display glitch. Unfortunately in this case, WYSIWYG.

I hope I have given enough details. If not, let me know and I will
try to do better.

(I have a title on each page, centered, and a larger font. But I
very much doubt that this contributes to the problem. I reckon I
could be wrong though.)

Thank you for you attention in this matter.

Also, thank you for this wonderful program. You've done a wonderful
job on it. I have been pleased to watch it mature.

Ralph    (upstart Perl programmer)

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