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> Hi
> I am a new user of abiword, but it looks like a great editor to
> me. However, I miss (or just can't find) some features, so I have a lot
> of
> questions. I am running version 7.14 under linux.
> a) Can't it handle tables?

Not yet, but there are some new features that allow you to do some very
precise layout with tabs that hopefully someone else can explain.
This feature is coming but the developers want the feature to "Just
Work" and not to be a quick and dirty hack.

> b) Can I adjust the quality (and therefore the speed) of the printing?
> c) When I type help, it opens a Konqueror window and I have to look for
> the help files. How can I redirect the help to access the help files
> directly?

That sounds like a bug, but im not running K so i cant answer that

> d) Can I save in msword (.doc) format (I have to share files with

You can save as .rtf (Rich Text Format) and give you my personal
guarantee that Microsoft users will be able to open the docs. You can
even save as .rtf and then rename them as .doc if they start demanding
.doc, and they should never even notice.

I much prefer .rtf to binary formats such .doc because it is a text
based format and can be opened in a text editor if you really need to
recover content from a damaged file. Also almost every word processor
out there supports .rtf

> e) I configured netscape navigator to open some files directly with
> abiword, but when cliking on the files (in a mail message for instance)
> it just opens abiword but without accessing the files. How to make this
> feature to work?
> f) By the way, I've downloaded abiword from:
> Why is it in Portuguese? Can I change that?

>From your mail headers i can see you are using pt-BR (Brazilian
Portuguese?) so Abiword may have been automatically set to Portuguese
based on your system language.

in your directory /home/username look for .AbiSuite/Abiword.Profile,
open it in your favourite text editor and replace all instances of
"pt-PT" or whatever the code for portuguese is and replace with the code
"pt-BR" or "en-US" or whatevere language you want to use. You may also
want to change the value for the spell checker (eg american.hash).
if this does not change the language the next time you restart Abiword
then you also need to change the scheme name values.

Hope you keep enjoying Abiword

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