UI language and default 'save as' option

From: Charlotte Stevens (charlottes@dolfijn.nl)
Date: Wed Jan 01 2003 - 12:43:32 EST

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    Hello all,

    First I would like to wish you all all the best for the new year.

    Second, of course, I have two questions about AbiWord:

    1. Is it possible to save as a Word document (.doc) as default 'save as' action?

    2. Is it possible to change the language of the user interface without changing the locale setting? I really do not like the dutch translation of AbiWord, but if I change the locale a lot of other programs do not work correctly anymore. My OS (Windows XP Home SP1) is in English, and I prefer my applications to be in English too. In my 'regional and language options' control panel 'Language for non Unicode programs' is set to English.

    Best regards,
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