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Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 06:03:19 EST

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    On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Bernard Lambey wrote:
    > Each time I want to IMPORT an HTML file, even if I choose
    > the adapted instruction in "automatic detection", I obtain
    > either an error, or a text saying that:
    > "the file xxx is a false html document"...
    > Of course, the documents are correct HTML documents!
    > I suggestion ?

    Are you importing using the "XHTML" option? What version of AbiWord are
    you using? Do you have the HTML import plugin? or...?

    Your best bet is to get the very latest AbiWord (from either STABLE or
    HEAD) and to run "tidy -asxhtml mydoc.html > mydox.xhtml" before
    attempting to import into AbiWord.

    I'm interested in any HTML documents that cause problems.


    Francis James Franklin

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