Numbered list + Installer with stable nightly builds

From: Stéphane Letourneur (
Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 18:16:19 EST

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    Hello Jeremy Davis and all,

    I've downloaded CVS- STABLE 1.0.0 for windows (nightly build january 09th
    from And I've tried a lot of functions without problems.
    Especially no problem with with zoom window on tools bar.
    But the numbered list doesn't work. Big spaces appears often after the first
    level but also one time in the first level.
    Maybe it's a bug already known ? (I had a look at Bugzilla but didn't
    understood all...)
    I tried the installer
    Tipical => no problem
    Full => After restart rtf, doc, and abw files get the Abw icon and are opened
    with double click
            RTF large document with columns an page number is OK
            MS .doc lost its page numbers but keep margin, paragraph's format
            MS word still open ancient .doc and keep page number
            Abiword doc everything OK
    After I tried to re-associate .doc with MS Word
    Conclusion : this is good job.

    Are this kind of test did you ask I do ? I can do another ones if I had some
    time and if the risk is limited.

    Best regards


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