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Date: Tue Jan 14 2003 - 06:22:02 EST

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    On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, 14h52, F J Franklin wrote:
    > XHTML is a very strict form of HTML and therefore most HTML will be
    > rejected. Even with correct XHTML, AbiWord will still sometimes have
    > difficulty understanding.
    Thanks Frank. But that question of behaviour uncertainty on HTML...
    is not a good thing, because the menu says that AW cans import!...
    It is "yes" or it is "no", but it is not possible to have "perhaps"...
    That, and other errors (as "puces") , is bad for us!
    See, hereunder, the opinion of friend who is one of the leaders
    of Mandrake supporters! In front of Kword and Oo, AbiWord looses
    each day a few competitivity....

    > * Si tu fais "copier" (copy) dans The Gimp, "coller" (paste) dans AbiWord,
    > ça ne marche pas! Pour 2 applications "GTK" ç'est choquant, non ?
    > * Comment fais-tu pour "insérer" un tableau, issu d'une feuille de calcul
    > (Gnumeric par exemple), dans ABW ? N'essaye pas le "copier/coller" ça
    > ne marche pas (pour 2 applis GTK c'est mauvais!a craint...),
    > * N'essaye pas nom plus l'insertion de fichier, résutats aléatoires...

    Sorry, because I like well AbiWord...
    Bernard L.

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