'AbiWord' Update?

From: Thomas Rump (trump@epost.de)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 19:53:36 EST

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    Hi to all,
    one question: "after installing 'AbiWord-1.0.2-6' from the 'RedHat 8.0'
    disk i like to know, how i can update to the next version of
    By trying to download the rpm files for 'RedHat 7.3' from the
    'abisource' side i came in trouble; first there were conflicts with the
    previous version and then i had no way found to start '─AbiWord'!
    May be someone have done that update on 'RedHat 8.0', i would be happy
    to hear about, how it goes.
    Regards Thomas

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