Abiword Right Margin problem.

From: G. Barker (gbarker@paradise.net.nz)
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 13:13:08 EST

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    Seeing as I got a cryptic address error message from my ISP, I'm not sure if
    this made it to the list/forum, so I'll try again!

    I had Abiword running perfectly on Red Hat 7.3, but now that I've installed
    Red Hat 8.0 Publisher's Edition, Abiword has 'lost' it's right margin, and
    wordwraps off the right hand side of the page to the edge of the window (and
    probably beyond, judging from the length of the text involved!).

    It also appears to be 'confused' as to it's page settings. A4 comes up with a
    width of 1682 mm X 2378 mm high!! By clicking on 'A4" in the menu I end up
    with 'Custom' 210 mm X 297 mm. Restarting Abiword defaults back to the A4
    settings as mentioned above. None of these settings fixes the word wrap
    problem though.

    Is there a fix for this?


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