Bitstream Vera Serif Oblique

From: Julien Olivier (
Date: Thu Oct 16 2003 - 11:18:56 EDT

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    I have a problem with the Bitstream Vera Serif font in Abiword.
    If I click on the "oblique" toolbar button, then write using bitstream
    serif, it works well (the test uses this font and is oblique).
    Then, if I try to write in roman still using Bitstream serif, it writes
    in oblique.

    So, I did a new test: I opened Abiword again and started writing in
    Bitstream serif roman. It was OK. Then, I selected the roman text and
    clicked on "oblique". The text stayed roman...

    My conclusion is that you can't mix characters written in vera serif
    oblique and roman in the same document.

    After some searches, I found out that the Bitstream Vera Serif font
    doesn't have an oblique version. It's fontconfig which emulates the
    oblique font. That said, I tried to write a simple HTML document
    displaying texts in both oblique and roman using the vera serif font.
    And it worked well in Mozilla and Konqueror.

    Should I file a bug ?

    I attached the documents I used to test this behavior.

    test test test test -----------------------------------------------
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