Re: fontconfig and abiword

From: Walt Shekrota (
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 20:42:26 EDT

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    I'm talking in the reverse direction, something abi uses
    but others do not. But your point taken, the other apps
    like abi are probably selective in what they support.
    I was more curious if something might be adjusted but
    I think as all these apps mature they will support more
    types of fonts. ie I should sit and wait :)
    I think it's just great the way all this availability has
    rolled out.

    > I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're referring
    > to but...
    > AbiWord only uses fonts that it knows how to print. At
    > the moment, this includes TTF and Type1 fonts.
    > Things like OpenType, PCF, Type42, ... we won't load
    > or use.
    > Dom

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