Re: Page size vs Section page margins

From: Stephen Viles (
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 16:10:33 EST

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    Hi Alan,

    30/10/03 4:49:13 AM, Alan Rowan <> wrote:
    >Windows Millennium Edition
    >AbiWord pre-2.0.1

    Thanks for advising your platform and AbiWord version.

    > In a version 1.99.X I managed to make a .abw
    >document that would not open, it would continually be
    >busy. I was waiting for version 2 in hopes it would
    >fix my problem, but pre-2.0.1 still had the problem.

    A .abw document that will not open -- sounds like a bug.

    > The problem seems to be with documents with multiple
    >sections, as is the case with the document that would
    >not open. In one version of AbiWord I was able to set
    >the Page size to less than the margins of the other
    >sections, though for that section the page margins and
    >page size were valid. I was able to fix the document
    >by using a text editor to go into the .abw file and
    >manually change the page margins for each section.

    Can you please create a bug at
    and then attach the following files to the bug when created:

    1. the .abw document that causes the bug
    2. the hand-edited .abw file that works around the bug

    > I think the problem with AbiWord is that page
    >margins apply to each section, at the time I did not
    >realize the changes I was making were only applying to
    >that section, while the Page size applies to the whole
    >document. I think either Page size should apply to
    >each section as does Page margins or there should be a
    >check when changing Page size to see that Page margins
    >do not leave room for the text in any or one of the
    >Sections. It would also be a good idea to have a
    >radio button in Page margins to apply them to all
    >Sections, I think this should be the default setting
    >for that button.

    Can you please raise a separate RFE (request for enhancement)
    bug in BugZilla for this idea. Please put [RFE] at the
    start of the bug summary, and set Severity to Enhancement.

    Cheers - Stephen.

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