Re: Why are characters not showing?

From: James W.Greenidge <>
Date: Sun Apr 03 2005 - 06:00:51 CEST

On Mar 31, 2005, at 3:43 PM, Ryan Pavlik wrote:

> Peter Robson wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've just installed AbiWord on W98SE to evaluate it for a friend who
>> doesn't want to buy MS Word. It looks good apart from no characters
>> show on screen! I can see table boundaries. I can see space markers.
>> I can see clip art. I can misspell words and see the red underline.
>> I can save them as a text file and open it and see them. And, no,
>> I'm not looking at white characters on a white background.
>> Highlighting has no effect. I've never had this problem with any
>> other application.
>> Apologies (as an AbiWord newbie) if the answer is blindingly obvious
>> or if the question has been answered many times before (but I did
>> look back over the last six months or so in the archive and couldn't
>> spot anything.)
>> TIA
>> Peter


Something similar happens when I import a .rtf file containing images.
The cursor suddenly turns into a white block within the edit area and
will only turn normal when I click on text, but reverts into a white
block within a image space or even just the paragraph margins of an

Additionally, importing an .sxw document in Courier 12 renders in
AbiWord as Times New Roman 12 font with all paragraph ruler formating
stripped away, as though rendered just as pure text. Doesn't occur with
.rtf (virtually perfect), just .sxw. Would like to fluidly use files
from those using NeoOffice.

In future AbiWord versions, are you considering a way one can hook into
Nisus Thesaurus?

Keep up the great work!

James Greenidge

1.25 gHz eMac OS 10.3.8 512meg RAM


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