Re: Periods appear as degree symbols, bug #5805 revisited

From: Randy Kramer <>
Date: Tue Apr 05 2005 - 13:35:42 CEST

On Monday 04 April 2005 11:48 pm, Michael Shell wrote:
---<good stuff snipped>---

> The issues above, IMHO, are candidates for the Abiword knowledge
> base/FAQ.

Starting with last things first, I'd love to see additions to the Abiword
knowledge base/FAQ. When can you add them? ;-)

Seriously, though, the FAQ is a wiki (TWiki) and the intent is that anybody be
able to add pages or edit other pages as appropriate.

I don't want to do the work for you (due to lack of time), but I would like to
encourage and help you to add them in any way I can.

I have to admit that although I skimmed the remainder of your email, I didn't
read it carefully enough to specifically identify the topics to be added.

Let's start with a high level overview of what (you) can do:

   * register on the TWiki (by going to
netiquette on is to use your real name (or something close, like
your "real" nickname plus real lastname, and I'd like to encourage that here
as well)

   * decide whether the information you want to add belongs on an existing
page or should be on separate new pages--almost by default, since you are
asking questions (rather than answering questions already on the TWiki), I
think these should be new pages--the information can always be moved later

   * pick a tentative name for each page (topic). It will end up being a
TWiki name (capitalized words scrunched together, but we can display a title
on the page with spaces). There are some naming conventions--the following
is quoted from :

To create new FAQ pages, simply create a new page with a name starting with
the appropriate prefix from the list below. Note that no modification to this
page is required -- it will automatically appear in the appropriate list on
this page, in alphabetic order, the next time this page is loaded.
"Faq" for general items that don't fit in one of the existing categories
"IntlFaq" for Language and Internationalization
"MacFaq" for MacOS
"UnixFaq" for Unix (including Linux)
"WinFaq" for Windows
"DevFaq" for Development Related Questions

 (If a new category is appropriate, see New FAQ Categories.)

 One way to create a new page on the AbiWord TWiki is to type a new page name
in place of the current page name in your browser's address bar, and then
press <enter>. If the page exists, you will be taken to it -- if the page
doesn't exist, you will be prompted to create it. You will have to register
at TWiki.TWikiRegistration in order to create (and edit) pages. If you are
not registered, I'm not sure whether you will get prompted to create a page.

   * create the new pages and add your text--if nothing else, simply copy and
paste the text from your email to the new pages (under the Question or Answer
section as appropriate). The basic formatting is to insert the paragraphs
with blank lines separating them. (If in copying and pasting from your email
the lines (or paragraphs) have some sort of prefix to denote quotation, it
would be nice to remove those, as well as any line breaks within the
paragraphs (to allow "automatic" wrapping to the width of the window).

If more formatting is desirable, you might figure it out yourself from the
help on the bottom of the edit window or the links for more help. Or, leave
a note on the page or post one here--someone else can improve the formatting.

So, give it a try. I can help you at any step of the way, but maybe the one
I'd have the most trouble with is coming up with names for the pages. (On
the other hand, if you create a short description of each topic, I (as well
as others) can comment on that and try to make it as useful as possible for
identifying the subject. (And, pages can be renamed (moved) later, so not
getting the absolute best topic name on the first try is not the end of the

Randy Kramer

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